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When it comes to direct television marketing opportunities, Food Over 50 is the award-winning healthful cooking & active lifestyle series that laser-targets North America’s 50+ GenX/Boomer/Senior viewership. FO5O is distributed via American Public Television to all 340 PBS stations broadcasting throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Like other ‘How To’ educational series, Food Over 50 is classified as ‘Exchange’ programming. This means that the Food Over 50 producer, Mojave Productions, donates our series to the nationwide Public Television system. Consequently, Food Over 50 airs on 332 of the 340 total PBS stations via main channel, sub-channel and CreateTV broadcast. In other words, FO5O airs on 97.5% of PBS stations throughout North America.

Sponsoring Programs Produced by Mojave Productions has a Triple Halo Effect of Impact & Engagement

Point #1

Public Television viewers are nearly 3 times more likely to buy a product or service from PBS sponsors than from advertisers on commercial cable or broadcast television!

Point #2

Public Television viewers are more than 3 times more likely to believe PBS sponsors are more committed to quality & excellence than advertisers on commercial cable or broadcast TV!

Point #3

Public Television viewers pay attention to sponsor messages on PBS 3 times more than advertisements on commercial broadcast and cable television!

Source: Harris Insights & Analytics

We realize that our series title, Food Over 50, may appear limiting to audience age demographics, but it has proven to be just the opposite. First, the good nutritional and healthful cooking technique of FO5O is ageless! Second, we receive many email responses from 20 & 30-somethings who watch our show out of concern for their parents, or grandparents, as they do for themselves. As for Gen-X’ers, they grow ever nearer 50 and are paying attention already. But the 50+ television viewing audience is the driving force of the majority of broadcast TV viewing and Food Over 50 resonates with the ever-expanding Boomer/senior generations in great number.

Informing and educating our maturing population on dietary wellness and healthy, active lifestyle is a worthwhile but expensive undertaking. The costs of production, distribution and promotion for a 13-episode series are up to us. Therefore, finding suitable corporate sponsorship partners is vital to support our series.

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If you have a product or service relating to healthful cooking & eating, or the 50+ age group consumer in general, we would be pleased to discuss how our extremely cost effective program sponsorships work.